Homeschool Beginner Fencing Classes are available
only in Harpers Ferry, WV, for the Tri-State area of :

West Virginia


If your homeschool group who would like to get together for a
Beginner Fencing Course, email us.  A minimum of 15 people
is required for private group lessons.

This Beginner course is an 8 week course.
The use of club gear is included in the tuition.

Children with ADD or ADHD
benefit from fencing.

The sport of fencing is FAST, FUN, FITNESS...also improves
mathematical skills.

Here is the information concerning the Beginner Course:

Our Beginner Course is a MUST for anyone getting involved
with fencing or coming back to the sport after much time away.
Out of Nowhere Fencing runs a serious athletic program.
We will cover the history of the sword, as it relates to
fencing, dueling, and the beginnings of the sport. Students
will also get an understanding of the weapons, how each one
is used, and the modern-day understanding of the rules. From
the first lesson and onward through the class, beginners will
also acquire an understanding of proper footwork, form, and
function. Students will also have the opportunity to fence
using the same style of electronic equipment used in
the modern Olympic Games.

For more information, email:  
(With your inquiry, please include your age, location,
and how you found out about our classes.)

If you live in the areas of Winchester, Virginia; Purcellville, VA; Berryville, VA; Lovettsville, VA,
Leesburg, VA;  Frederick, Maryland; Brunswick, MD; Boonsboro, MD; Martinsburg and Harpers
Ferry, West Virginia, this class is within about a thirty minute drive of your location.
Member of the United States Fencing Association
Member of the Virginia Division,  USFA

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